Install Durable Concrete Flooring

Schedule warehouse concrete pouring services in Marion Center, Indiana, Punxsutawney or, Johnstown, PA

Whether you need to pour brand-new concrete flooring or replace your existing, damaged floors, our concrete specialists can help. You can rely on us to pour a smooth concrete floor in your garage, warehouse or barn in no time.
During your garage or warehouse concrete flooring installation project, our experts will:

Prep the floor
Set the grade
Put down gravel or limestone and compact it
Add plastic covering
Install rebar and pour the concrete
Seal it so it will last

After your floor has been poured, we’ll finish it to ensure that it shines. DNR Concrete takes on concrete finishing and pouring projects of all kinds in the Johnstown, Marion Center, Indiana or Punxsutawney, PA areas. We can pour concrete floors in any interior room.

Where would you like to add a concrete floor?

DNR Concrete provides warehouse concrete pouring services in the Marion Center, Johnstown and Indiana, PA areas, . Hire us to pour concrete flooring in your:

  • Warehouse
  • Garage
  • Barn
  • Laundry room
  • Basement
  • Showroom

Contact us right away to schedule professional concrete finishing and pouring services. We'll be glad to provide you with a free estimate.